BCNA Welcomes Struct/Restruct to the Neighborhood

Eric Jay of Struct/Restruct provided the following information about the business and their new location at 1146 Haskell Avenue.

“Struct/Restruct (SRS) is a full-service design-build studio rooted in the heart of East Lawrence. Lifelong friends, Matt Jones and Eric Jay own and operate the busi-ness at 1146 Haskell, the previous location of the Recycling Center. They currently have 9 full-time employees and one resident watchdog. Over the past 6 years they have been designing and building throughout Lawrence, with their main focus in East Lawrence. Each project implements in-novative design, custom woodworking and reclaimed ma-terials. Their previous shop was located at 920 & 924 Dela-ware, current home of Decade Coffee and The Lawrence Re-Cyclery. SRS spent four years at that location and was quickly outgrowing the facility. When 1146 became availa-ble last spring, SRS met with the previous owner and im-mediately saw its potential.

Currently, SRS has office, storage and woodworking space set up in the building with high hopes for it all. We’re in the process of updating the building with a fresh coat of paint, an accessible bathroom, and fire rating portions of the space. With an approved site plan in place we can also begin working on site improvements like removing the green fence, sidewalk, curb & gutter and doing landscap-ing improvements. The first course of action is to remove the green fence along 12th St. Portions of the fence will be re-purposed for the buffer yard fence between our indus-trial space and the residential lots to the east. As part of the redevelopment of the property, nine residential lots were created along 12th Street. Once the infrastructure is de-signed and installed, we can start selling the lots for resi-dential development. It took a year to get where we’re at now, and the process from here on out will be lengthy as well. When it’s all finished, we feel it will be a great asset to the neighborhood.

Other major things that will happen as part of the site plan are demolishing the two small out-buildings to the north of the shop and the addition of a sawmill in the shop yard. SRS has a stockpile of harvested logs from around town which will be milled into boards and used in its projects. We also hope to make local hardwoods more accessible to people in town by having milled and surfaced lumber available for sale on site.

When the crew isn’t around the shop, you can find them at their many current projects going on in the Eastside. If you really want to see what we’re up to, you should stop by the shop and get a first hand glimpse.”


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