Special Meeting: Bylaws change discussion

A special meeting has been scheduled for December 3rd at 7pm at the East Lawrence Rec Center.

During this meeting there will be open discussion about several possible changes to the bylaws.  A copy of the current bylaws and a draft of the proposed changes is posted below. Please note that this draft is not complete. They’re only offered as a starting point for discussion at the meeting The purpose of the meeting will be to craft a version of the bylaws that allow for a Board, plus a few other tweaks. If we come up with something that looks like it will benefit BCNA, maybe people will vote to ratify the changes. If not, then we may keep the bylaws as they are– but there is interest in at least exploring the Board option.  There is further explanation of the thoughts behind the proposed changes in a memo at the start of the draft.

Current BCNA Bylaws

BCNA bylaws draft Nov 2014


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