BCNA Coordinator Position

BCNA Coordinator Position
We are moving toward a formal contract in our Coordinator position, and are opening it up to an application process. Please review the job description and expectations listed below. The position pays 10/hr and generally requires about 30 hours a month. All are welcome to apply. Questions and resumes can be submitted to Rena Figures at Submissions accepted until position filled, with a start date of Sept 1st.

Summary: The Brook Creek Neighborhood Association (BCNA) Coordinator is responsible for completing, or coordinating the completion of, the following tasks, some of which may be completed by BCNA officers, directors, and other volunteers: coordinating and attending regular meetings, planning for yearly events, reviewing news and alerting organization, maintaining BCNA inbox and responding to emails, coordinating newsletter, and other various tasks delegated from board. Decisions about the Coordinator position are made by BCNA Board, and the President supervises the planning and completion of tasks. The coordinator is expected to work about 30 hours per month at a pay rate of $10 per hour. Coordinator position contracts are completed for no longer than 12 months, from September 1 to August 31. Annual evaluations will be conducted in June. If needed, the position will be advertised in July, with a coordinator to be selected to begin on Sept. 1.

Expectations: The Coordinator maintains professional demeanor and appearance while representing BCNA. The Coordinator has excellent organizational, writing, editing, verbal and interpersonal skills. The Coordinator has proficiency with, and access to, Word, Excel, and Publisher software. The Coordinator will take initiative, contribute ideas, and keep officers/board informed of Coordinator’s activities. The Coordinator will schedule time efficiently, and work through objectives to meet goals and deadlines on time.